KSO (parent/teacher organization)

About the Ka’ōhao School ‘Ohana (KSO)

The Ka’ōhao School ‘Ohana is an organization that was founded in 2012 for charitable and educational purposes with the following objectives: to support Ka’ōhao School in its efforts to educate its students by promoting volunteerism and parental involvement; to build a partnering atmosphere and enhance communications between school staff, the Governing Board, parents, students and the surrounding community; to promote programs that result in excellence and achievement at the individual and school level; to raise funds to provide for the above.

In Recent Years, the KSO has Provided:

Shade Structure Covering the Basketball Court

Outdoor Stage

Funding for our Papa ‘Ike Hawai’I Instructor

A/C Installation in All Classrooms

Updated Technology for Classroom Enrichment

Shade Tents and Greenhouse for Garden

Shade Umbrellas for Lunch Seating

Speakers for PE Lessons

Self Defense Classes for Students

Programmable Robots for STEM Learning

Support of Student Council, Jr. Police Officer & Teacher Appreciation Programs

100’s of Classroom Volunteer Hours to Enhance Instruction & Support Teachers

Assistance in School-wide Family Fun Events to Promote Reading, Math, Science, Fitness, and Fun

Coordination of the Campus Campout, Fall Carnival, Annual Ka’ōhao School Fundraiser, and Teacher Appreciation Week

Membership Perks:

Quarterly General Meetings to Stay Informed & Connect with the Ka’ōhao School ‘Ohana & School Director

Ability to Vote on which Projects to Initiate/Fund

Opportunity to Submit Questions & Comments in Advance

Meeting Minutes emailed Directly to Members

Opportunity to Positively Influence your Child’s Education & Enrich their School Experience


2019/2020 KSO Board Members

President: Kristen Ball – KSOpresident@gmail.com
Vice President: Christina Millard – KSOVP1@gmail.com
Vice President 2: Sylvie Rusay – KSOVP2@gmail.com
Treasurer: Mary Greaney – KSOtreasurer@gmail.com
Secretary: Algela Xoinis – KSOsecretary@gmail.com
Membership: Natasha Skoberla – KSOmembership@gmail.com


Forms and Resources

KSO Expense Reimbursement Form

KSO Membership Form