August Newsletter

Newsletter August 2017

Aloha Kaʻōhao School Families,

Welcome to our fabulous community of faculty, families and friends!

We are so please you have chosen our school on one of the most important journeys you family will go forward with this year.

Welcome back to our returning families and welcome to the newest members of our ʻOhana.

Here is the first newsletter of the school year, with more to come. Please take a minute or two, open the PDF below and get updated on the important dates, news and celebrations from Kaʻōhao School.

This first newsletter is packed with info you might want to jot down on your calendars. We are asking at least one parent to attend a mandatory meeting with Dr. Noh so we are on the same page.

Open the PDF below and please peek inside:

See what dates we are looking forward to seeing you. 

Find out why “Kindness Matters” at Kaʻōhao  from our Counselor.

 What’s the scoop with the blue EPA banner by the flag pole- what’s that about- what are my kids telling me to save the banana peel?

​Yeah, sorry about your dog, they can’t attend school here…

​Come, OCCUPY!!!, but first do some garden work in the morning 🙂

​Please make sure to drive safe and save yourself a $300 ticket from HPD.

Interested in BEFORE school care for your child? Peek inside the PDF for the phone number.


Page 6 of the Newsletter, Kaʻōhao School Parent Group Room Parent Meeting will be on August 23 at 8AM not 5:30PM in the cafe.

Letʻs join together (kaʻōhao) and make this school year filled with fond memories and let’s not leave anyone behind in our ʻOhana.

​Aloha Kaʻōhao, have a safe and wonderful weekend.


With Aloha,

​Espie Chapman

Parent Community Network Coordinator

Kaʻōhao Governing Board Member

Meet n Greet August 2, 5pm -6pm

Meet n Greet Agenda
1. Meet your child’s new teacher and re-connect with old family friends and make new ones!
2. Pay for school supplies:
    K-5 ($75)*
    6th ($100)* – includes 6th Gr. Promotion Activities
    Specials ($35)* – Art, Papa ‘Ike Hawai’i, PE
    NEW Fieldtrip shirts ($10)* child and adult sizes
3. Sign up for School Lunch Program- Daily plans or MWF ($5.75/meal)
4. ‘Ohana Annual Membership ($20)*

5. Mandatory Parent Meetings (5 opportunities!) – This is a chance to connect with our School Director, staff, Gov Board and Parent Board members. Why is it mandatory? Dr. Noh will be sharing new information about the upcoming school year as well as providing volunteer opportunities for all families. Yes, there is a sign-in sheet ;-).

*All payments are considered donations. If you are seeking financial assistance, it is handled case by case. Please come to the main office. School supplies generally do NOT include fieldtrips and/or special projects, as determined by the classroom teachers.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact the main office at 266-7844.