November 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter November 2018

Aloha Kaʻōhao Families,


Please take a few minutes to read about the latest news at your child/s school in the PDF attached below.

Please get your calendars out, and your pen ready, we have several important dates to share with you this month.


Please remember to take the survey from Safe Routes to School so our students can get to and from school safely. Visit the website below:

Safe Routes to School, National Center for Safe Routes to School

Student Council will be collecting canned food items and non-perishable food items to be donated to Saint Anthony’s Food Pantry.

Please have your child/ren bring your canned food items to their homeroom.

Have a wonderful November and Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Espie Chapman


Newsletter October 2018

Newsletter October 2018

Aloha Kaʻōhao Families,

This week Kaʻōhao School proved that their voices turned into action against breast cancer. Kaʻōhao Cancer Fighters raised over $5,400 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Thank you for all the donations to help find a cure and end breast cancer forever.  We hope to see you at the race on October 14, Kapiʻolani Park, Honolulu. For more information, please visit:

Kaʻōhao School was highlighted for helping the Hawaii community, please see the link below to watch the short segment on Hawaii News Now, Sunrise.

Attached is a short PDF of upcoming events.  Make sure you open the PDF with your calendar by your side.

Please join your Kaʻōhao School on October 19, during the morning for Love of Reading and your Kaʻōhao School ʻOhana at 5:30 PM8 PM for Trunk or Treat and movie. Students can enjoy the outdoor movie while parents join the KSO for a brief meeting and update. Pizza and drinks will be available for purchase to support the 4th grade Kauai 2018 trip.

Take a deep breath,  enjoy the next week to recharge, refresh and spend time with your precious family and friends.


Espie Chapman

PCNC, Family Engagement

September 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter September 2018

Aloha Kaʻōhao School Families,

Please open the PDF below for September updates and have your calendars ready to save several dates ahead.

We hope you bring your friends and neighbors to the 2nd Annual Kaʻōhao Carnival on September 22, 39 PM.
Buy your presale tickets now!
Rides, games, prizes, and fun will be waiting for you and your student/s.
As a friendly reminder, turn your Federal Survey Cards and if your contact information has changed, please make sure to update your information with our front office.
With Aloha,
Espie Chapman
Parent Community Network Coordinator (PCNC)

March 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2018

Aloha Kaʻōhao Families,

Thank you for having your student/s arrive at school on-time and ready to learn every day!

Kaʻōhao is grateful for your support! Whether it be in class, with students, at the Vintage Auction Gala or our annual Career Day, we appreciate all volunteers that gave their precious time to our school.

Kaʻōhao School is excited to celebrate your student/s and their friends in the March newsletter.

Thank you to our young Principal-for-Day McLean for giving our students more recess time and encouraging peaceful Four Square play during his day of tenure. All the students enjoyed the extra time outside during the sunny day.

Student Council has a full week ahead for our school from March 12-16. Please peek inside and read how Kaʻōhao School will be celebrating Spirit Week.

Hawaiʻi Humane Society will host a Windward Canine Game Day at Kaʻōhao School on March 24. More information is located on the last page of the newsletter or go to the Hawaiʻi Humane Society Facebook event page to learn more.

Have a relaxing Spring Break, refresh, reset.


Espie Chapman


Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter December 2017

Aloha Kaohao Families, Staff and Community,

You ALL should be very proud of your charter school! If you were here for morning assembly on Thursday, you were in for a treat!

We were fortunate to schedule a visit with DOE Superintendent Dr. Kishioto, Senator Laura Thielen, and Representative Chris Lee, Charter School champions Sione Thompson and Jeanine Souki along with our Governing Board Members.

I am sharing with you what Representative Chris Lee had to say about your little school.

“What you guys have done together is incredible! Lanikai, now Ka’ohao, is one of those examples around the state that’s done more with less and we want to give you guys more resources, we want to give you guys what you need.

BUT what you guys have done has proven to be a model for zero waste,  for composting, for recycling, for doing what you guys do responsibly to protect our environment AND to produce a better result, better education, and frankly a better community, not only in this school, but in Kailua. That’s something really special because there are very few other schools that have stepped up to accomplish what you guys are doing on regular basis every single day here.
That is something that the entire state is looking at when we  talk with our colleagues, Senator Thielen, me, and everybody else down at the state capitol and think, what kind of resources should we be giving our schools? What kind of good food from our farms locally can we provide to you guys?
This is the model that everyone looks to!
It is this school. You guys are are leaders! So keep it up!”

Please take three minutes of your busy day to help Kaohao secure funding for improvements. Click on the link below and participate in the Safe Routes to School survey.

Below is your December PDF waiting to be opened. CLICK an find out about our awesome students at school, how much was raised at Jump Rope For Heart and meet those kind Rotarians who came to gave free vision screening to students in grades one through three.

Remember we are still asking for food drive items until December 8.

Still looking for the perfect Holiday gift? Why not Vintage Auction tickets? Help the school, enjoy a night out with friends, free food, live music… sounds like a great gift!

“KSO (Ka’ohao School Ohana), our PTA or parent group will be looking for new board members for 2018-2019 school year! President, Vice President 1 and 2, Membership Head and Treasurer will be finishing their two-year term so contact Kara Spheeris at with any questions or interest.

Also, thank you to those who attended our KSO meeting last Thursday. We encourage all families to attend to hear latest school updates and offer ideas and suggestions. Next meeting THURSDAY, FEB 8 at 6pm!”
Please be safe, be merry and Happy Holidays!
Aloha Kaohao,
Espie Chapman