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E Holomua Pū Kakoū – Let Us All Move Forward Together! 

Aloha Lanikai Parents, Teachers, Students, and Community!

Lanikai School is a Public Charter Elementary School.  Our mission is to develop successful, life-long learners who will be active participants in a democratic society.  Our school offers a broad range of curriculum and enrichment activities and consistently place in the top 10% of all elementary schools state wide, as measured b the Hawaii State Assessment.

To do what we do, we rely on the generous donations of time, treasure and talent from not only our parents and staff, but from the greater Lanikai School community.  We have many opportunities.  Please join us!


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 In School Volunteer Opportunities

Lanikai School is fortunate to maintain a relatively low teacher-student ratio, and have an Educational Assistant assigned to each of the lower grades. However, with the varied and engaging curriculum, teachers appreciate volunteers for some class activities. In additional our “special” teachers (art, music, PE, library, computers) sometimes need specialized help. For more information about opportunities for in school to serve in the classroom, please contact your student’s teacher, or our Curriculum Coach, Hillary Radovich.


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Board Volunteer Opportunities

Lanikai School is run by a community Governing Board. In addition, the Board maintains several subcommittees that focus on specific issues for the school, including the Development Committee, Health & Safety Committee, and Facilities Committee. We always need community members with passion and vision to serve on the Board and its committees – if you are interested, please contact our School Director, Ed Noh.

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LSO Volunteer Opportunities

The “LSO” or Lanikai School Ohana is our Parent-Teacher-Student Organization.  It is the lifeblood of our parent network.  The LSO hosts many exciting and educational activities each year, as well as conduct some fundraising.  To meet the LSO Board, click here.  To view the LSO’s website, click here.

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Giving Opportunities 

Giving Opportunities:  Lanikai School’s breadth of curriculum and enrichment activities relies on funding from grants and the generosity of our community.  The School, in conjunction with the LSO host a wide variety of fundraisers and giving opportunities, including Vintage Lanikai – Our Auction Gala and our Annual Campaign.  To donate to the school, click here.  To learn more out Giving Opportunities, click here.