School Health Assistant


Please submit the following 3 items to AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please submit all materials. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Resume or CV
  • Cover Letter (including why you are interested in this position)
  • Contact Information of 3 References


    • SCHOOL HEALTH ASSISTANT I – $1,906.66 per month* (SR-09, 10-month, 6½ hour workday).
    • SCHOOL HEALTH ASSISTANT II – $2,063.08 per month* (SR-11, 10-month, 6½ hour workday). 
      • *A 4.4% School Year Differential will be added to the base salary for all 10-month positions, contingent upon funding.

This is the entry level in the series. A position at this level performs work assignments with basic school health knowledge and skills to run a smooth and effective school health program. Data entry, processing, reviewing, and monitoring of health documents in a computer system is required. Positions at this level receive close guidance and assistance from the assigned RN on clinical work to ensure correct methods and procedures are being followed.

  • School Health Assistant II

In addition to providing health services and data processing responsibilities as described at the Level I, positions independently recognize and with consultative assistance provided by the assigned RN, provide information to assist parents/legal guardians, students, and staff with complex health issues that may arise in the school setting along with the normal daily health activities. Advanced knowledge in clinical or medical assisting is a requirement gained through a college degree, training and/or professional development in the related area. Positions at this level use independent discretion and judgment thus minimal guidance and assistance is received. Support from the assigned RN on clinical work is provided to ensure correct methods and procedures are being followed.


  • One year of work experience involving working with people. Such work experience must have required the individual to establish and maintain working relationships with others on a person-to-person basis and may have involved supervising the activities of individuals for medical or therapeutic purposes; counseling, screening or serving as an informational resource for people; serving as an instructor, teaching assistant or group leader; working as a participant in a community service organization whose activities require the cooperative effort of a number of individuals for the attainment of group goals; or participating in a community outreach or development program. This work experience may have been on a paid or volunteer basis and may have been on either a full-time or part-time basis but must have been continuous.
  • One year (for level I) or two years (for level II) of work experience which demonstrates the possession of basic health knowledge and practices (e.g. personal hygiene, common sanitary practices, symptoms of common illnesses, etc.) and the ability to use a personal computer and/or data processing systems. Examples of experience which demonstrates the possession of the required basic health knowledge may include, but should not be limited to, personal experience as a homemaker involving childcare, paid or volunteer experience as a children’s day care center worker, work experience as a para-medical assistant or nurse’s aide, a homecare facilities operator or other similar type of experience.
  • Current certification in first aid. (may be acquired at time of hire)
  • Current certification in child and adult cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR.) (may be acquired at time of hire)


  • $23051 – $25846 per year
  • Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, Eligibility for the State Health/Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Retirement Plan, Right to Join Union and Collective Bargaining (HGEA BU03)