Board Policies

I. Governance Policies

I-1. Code Of Ethics

I-2. Responsibilities

I-3,4,5. Conflict of Interest, Separation of Duties, Non-discrimination

I-6. Committees

I-7. Letters

I-8. Board Selection Procedures

I-9. Board Qualifications

I-10. Public Complaints or Concerns

I-11. Conflict Resolution

I-12. Reporting Crime Related Incidents


II. Personnel

II-1. Hiring, Assignment

II-2.Child Abuse or Neglect

II-3. Drug-Free Workplace

II-4. Professional Development

II-5. Director Evaluation

III. Students

III-1. Student Attendance

III-2.Student Conduct and Discipline

III-3. Student Enrollment


IV. Finances

IV-1. Board Budget and Fiscal Management Policy

IV-2. Board Controls, Budget, and Fiscal Management Policy

IV-3. Negotiating Funding Entitlements

IV-4. Required Budget and Other Fiscal Reports

IV-5.Contracts & Agreements

IV-6. Procurement

IV-7. Contributions

V. Academics

V-1. Development, Assessment, and Modification of Curriculum & Instruction

V-2. Assessments and Grading


VI. Health & Safety

VI.1 Emergency and Disaster

VI.2 Sexual Harassment

VI.3 Field Trips

VI.4 Nutrition and Wellness

VI.5 General Harassment