August 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter August 2020

Aloha Kaʻōhao School Families and Friends,

We are so proud to call you part of our ohana.

You say you are new to the island?
Ohana is a Hawaiian word that refers to a person’s extended family, which can include friends and other important social groups. You are now part of our ohana, we welcome you to the caring and kind Kaʻōhao community.

As we face the complex array of issues, everything in our world looks different, and the varying degrees of comfort now require constant caution. With the absence of in-person instruction and teaching, we understand that as part of the new normal, the new school year will require flexibility and pushing outside of our comfort zones.

I want to assure you that the Kaʻōhao staff are dedicated to delivering high-quality education, the same student success, and will continue to focus on the whole child.

We believe that each student is unique, gifted, and will thrive this school year.

Thank you all for your support and patience, LET’S DO THIS.

Please take a look at the short newsletter below.

With Aloha,

Espie Chapman, Parent Community Network Coordinator, Governing Board Member