April 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2019

Aloha Kaʻōhao Families,

Happy Spring to all! Please take a few minutes to read the April newsletter and don’t forget to mark a few dates on your calendar for April 2019.

Who had more fun on Monday, Roll Out Of Bed Day: Dr. Noh in pajamas or Principal For The Day, Mr. Liam Hubbard in pajamas? Open the PDF and look at the photos to find out.

Mahalo for your support and contributions to the Vintage Lanikai Auction. We would not be able to have a successful Vintage Auction without YOU!  Please also take a minute to thank our extraordinary team listed on the first page of the PDF below.

Are you interested in knowing how much monies were raised from the 2019 Vintage Auction? Turn to page two of the newsletter and find out the five figures raised in just a few hours!

Do you want to know what is happening at the parent organization level? To stay in the loop, do join the conversation at:

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kso-members to be a part of the ideas shaping the future of our school.

Huge Mahalo to our Kaōhao School ʻOhana for an amazing Staff Appreciation Week by filling our bellies full of yummy food. A special Mahalo to Hula Grill Waikiki, for donating trays of Kalua Pig Burgers, Crab and Macadamia Nut Wontons and Guava BBQ Ribs to compliment the delicious luau food for our staff last Wednesday.

Thank you to our Career Day volunteers and for sharing their talents and experiences with our students. Open the PDF below to see the fabulous folks and parents who gave up their morning to share their careers with our students.

Here are a few fun facts from Career Day about some of our parents:

One parent is an actor double for The Rock, like… THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson).

One parent is the voice of Alexa and the husband and wife team are actors on TV.

One parent is the Veterinarian who always saves the seals and turtles who are sick.

One parent cooks healthy and delicious food.

One parent is a friend to other countries and helps keep the peace worldwide.

Open the PDF below and read all about it.

Does your child/ren have talents? The annual Kaōhaoʻs Got Talent auditions will take place April 2-4, open to Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, open the PDF below for more information.  Kaʻōhao’s Got Talent Show will be held on April 26, during school hours.

Kaʻōhao School is in search of a clothes dryer, do you have one to spare or are you ready to upgrade and donate your clothes dryer? Kaʻōhao School’s clothes dryer is on its’ last tumble! Please contact me or Uncle Jeff for pick up and let’s coordinate!

Lastly, if you love free Bobʻs Pizza, Student Artwork, and Pro Surfers, stop by Kailua Beach Adventures on Friday, March 15, 6-9 PM and check out the Malama Ka ʻAina Boardshort Art Challenge hosted by Freddy Patacchia and Quiksilver.

Have a safe Spring Break, enjoy, rest and be happy.

With Aloha,

Espie Chapman