Meet n Greet August 2, 5pm -6pm

Meet n Greet Agenda
1. Meet your child’s new teacher and re-connect with old family friends and make new ones!
2. Pay for school supplies:
    K-5 ($75)*
    6th ($100)* – includes 6th Gr. Promotion Activities
    Specials ($35)* – Art, Papa ‘Ike Hawai’i, PE
    NEW Fieldtrip shirts ($10)* child and adult sizes
3. Sign up for School Lunch Program- Daily plans or MWF ($5.75/meal)
4. ‘Ohana Annual Membership ($20)*

5. Mandatory Parent Meetings (5 opportunities!) – This is a chance to connect with our School Director, staff, Gov Board and Parent Board members. Why is it mandatory? Dr. Noh will be sharing new information about the upcoming school year as well as providing volunteer opportunities for all families. Yes, there is a sign-in sheet ;-).

*All payments are considered donations. If you are seeking financial assistance, it is handled case by case. Please come to the main office. School supplies generally do NOT include fieldtrips and/or special projects, as determined by the classroom teachers.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact the main office at 266-7844.