Zero Waste Revolution

Bottom line for December 2016

• 100% of all food waste was recovered and composted on site to total 1,673 pounds. Total to date is 9,308 pounds, or 4.65 tons.

• 100% of all HI-5 cans and bottles were collected, sorted, and redeemed, thanks to custodian Uncle Jeff.

• 99% of all green waste was processed on campus.

• 98% of all paper and cardboard waste was collected and processed on campus.

• 95% of all mylar was collected and cleaned for future processing.

Aug. thru Dec. 2016 FOOD WASTE analysis

The first half of the school year included 89 school days in which lunch was prepared and served.

• Food waste includes all kitchen prep, lunch plate scrapings and snacks, plus occasional events (Fall Festival, Winter Concert, etc.) Total food waste collected and processed: 9,308 pounds or 4.65 tons. Food waste diversion rate: 100%

• Average pounds of food waste generated daily:

104.6 pounds.

This compares to 87.9 pounds daily last year. The extra bucket per day is primarily prep waste generated by our lunch provider. Shannon expanded One Love Cafe’s catering service to two other schools this year, neither of which are equipped to process their share of the prep waste, so Lanikai absorbed it. Two additional Pipeline POD worm bins were activated to handle 50 additional pounds weekly. Additional prep surplus easily folded into existing operations.

Lunch and snack waste have remained consistent, averaging 80 pounds daily.

Food waste processed

• Total waste composted by worms: 4,004 pounds – 43%. The February harvest yielded 548 pounds of vermicast.

• Total waste hot composted: 5,132 pounds – 55%. Five compost piles were harvested Aug-Dec yielding 13.5 cubic yards of premium compost.

• Total waste fermented via bokashi: 172 pounds – 1.8%

While bokashi fermentation was a necessity at Pearl City High, where heavy meat meals were prepared (Oven Baked Chicken on the menu guaranteed 150 pounds of uneaten chicken thighs complete with skin and bone), animal protein is used sparingly in Lanikai lunches. Only one Bokashi Blaster was filled for a science experiment.

With the demand for thermal compost and vermicast so high, it makes sense to focus primarily on producing these popular and profitable soil amendments.

Summary of new accomplishments

The following list summarizes our major accomplishments from August 1 – the first day of the 2016-2017 School Year – through December 31, 2016.

Waste reduction

• Lanikai continues to lead the state and indeed the nation in organics waste reduction, with a consistent near-perfect record of waste collection and on-site processing of food waste, paper, cardboard, and green waste. Awarded EPA’s 2016 Food Recovery Challenge, category Schools K-12 for 2014-2015 school year.

• A Lanikai Parents’ Guide to the Zero Waste Revolution published and distributed.
• 95% of mylar packaging was collected for upcycling, a program still in progress.
• Dishwasher purchased, delivered, soon to be installed. Will eliminate single-use disposable items.


Welcome to Lanikai School’s Zero Waste Revolution video completed, posted, and circulated worldwide.